Monday, 27 May 2013


Back in the country, orders will be processed as normal. Anyone waiting for orders sorry for the delays and they will be posted out as soon as possible.

In other news:

The Verglas 7" is still coming but it has been struck with various delays and will now be a split release with Dew Crux . More news to come including a preview track soon.


Found Dead will be putting Kawabata Makoto's MAINLINER in Newcastle during their September UK tour.

Details are as follows....

Kawabata Makoto's MAINLINER (members of Acid Mothers Temple, Musica Transonica and Bo Ningen)

No Nanjo hence the slight name change, he is replaced on bass and vocals by Kawabe Taigen from Bo Ningen. Not to worry though, based on the new material this is still the same ripping HEAVY psych band that everyone loves. Grinding riffs and on the edge motorpsycho guitar histrionics from Kawabata ride the groove train laid down for him to infinity. This is every Japanese music fans dream. Anyone into guitar howls and feedback should not miss this one. This will be a facemelter.

Haikai No Ku (Members of Bong, Foot Hair, Female Borstal)

"Death Toll Blues" from this local trio. Ear damaging psych heavily influenced by Japanese bands like Mainliner, Les Rallizes Denudes etc. Crashing drums and Bass lay down the framework for fiery guitar attacks to lash across peoples faces. Expect dirge, noise and astral planes. Debut LP to be released in August by Burning World Records.

+ one more to TBC

Its 8 quid advanced, 10 quid on the door. If you dont like the price then don't come, these boys are coming from Japan so they aint cheap and this may well never happen again.

You can buy tickets here...

Facebook event page here...

Saturday, 18 May 2013


I will be away from this Sunday the 19th till the 26th. You can still order, but I won't respond or ship anything till the 27th. Cheers.

In the mean time enjoy the video above.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Fresh stock for your puny brains. Email for orders/enquiries. Check out the distro page for postage prices and other stock that is available.


A new LP of overblown, riff-driven assaults from everyone's favourite Japanese psych monsters. No Nanjo (he is replaced by the guy from Bo Ningen) on this hence the new name but its essentially the same deal. Recorded at ridiculous volumes for maximum distortion (think D-clone levels of in the red noise) with some endless grinding riffs and dirge like reverbed vocals. Sometimes when bands return from long breaks its for the money rather than any genuinely good music. Mainliner have bucked the trend here though and this is a total rocker. A must for any fans of Japanese HEAVY psych. These are coloured Vinyl in limted quantities hence the price tag. I have one swamp green LP and some white ones, don't miss out and order this shit now.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


2 new LPs from the fantastic At War With False Noise. £10 each. Email for orders/enquiries. Check the distro page for postage and other stock.


This is fucking class. Plain and simple. Like a "Doom Punk" version of Electric Wizard with a hefty whack of Pentagram and Garage rock. Totally rockin and fun sounding. Howling vocals compete with sludgy punk riffs whilst the bass and drums drive a jackhammer into your face. This is the second pressing and comes with a double sided A3 poster.


A side each from these two psychedelic monsters with varying approaches. Bong continue with their slowed down riff worship ragas that seem to ruin your mind forever. Pyramidion finally on vinyl deliver a brilliant side of fuzzy rockin pysch. Kind of like early krautrock, maybe a bit of Amon Duul in there.