Incoming - Illicit Union CS, Iron Drugs CS, Carer CS

Tapes: £1.50 for first, 50p extra in UK
              £2.50 for first, 1.50 each extra in EU
             £4.50 for first, £2 each extra World

7”: £2 for first, £1 each extra in UK
      £3 for first, £1.50 each extra in EU
      £4.50 for first, £2 each extra World

LP: £3.50 for first, £1 each extra in UK
       £6 for first, £2.50 each extra in EU
       £8 for first, £3 each extra in World

Email brainbombsworship@gmail.com or ballok-knyf@gmail.com for Orders/Enquiries.

Labels get in touch for wholesale.

Zines (£2 plus postage)

Distort #38 - Aussie punk zine.

Distort #41 - Aussie punk zine

Distort #42 - Aussie punk zine

Limited Readership #3 - Leeds punk zine from a member of Perspex Flesh

Limited Readership #4 - Another cracker from Rob of Perspex Flesh

Tapes (£3 plus postage, unless otherwise stated)


Rags and Blood - Demo - £5

Vicious Punk/Black Metal, featuring members of Rife and Foot Hair.

Sexdrome - On What Draw - £4

Top draw trashy blackened punk.

Verglas - Satinisme Juvenile

Great tape of blackened punk from these Found Dead favourites.

Soma Coma - Demo

Frantic and mean hardcore from this Aussie 4 piece.

Oppression - Silence

Punked out black metal with some NWOBHM vibes give this a nice gallop.

Lost Flood - Demo I

Crushing Noise Rock/Black Metal

Lost Flood - Demo III

Crushing Noise Rock/Black Metal

Vixens - Baptism

Raucous Hardcore from the best all girl Punk band.

Axnaar - Crucifixion Mass

Second Demo from stomping Black Metal band Axnaar. Sump side project.

Roases - Wealth of Abuse

Mean harsh noise.

Female Borstal - Live

Live sets from various northern gigs. Noise Rock/Doom march to hell.

Verglas - Joies Funebres

Re-issue of their first demo. Bone Awl meets Akitsa. Champion.

CDs (£5 plus postage unless stated)

Nightstick - Rock and Roll Weymouth £6

Wierd Doom/Noise Rock for fans of Melvins/Harvey Milk.

7"s (£4 plus postage, unless stated otherwise)

Rats Blood - Punks is Mutants

Raging D-beat in the vein of Green Beret and Bloodkrow Butcher.

Nubs - Job/Little Billy's Burning 7" - £5

Best KBD punk single.

Umbilical Cord - S/T 

Psychedelic and manic Hardcore.

Slaegt - Demo

Great raging Black metal with blazing guitars from one Danish fiend.

Woddrea Mylenstede/Black Cilice - Split EP

Occult and riffing Black Metal from both these great bands.

Celtic Dance - Goddess of a Thousand Knights 

Ice cold early 90s Black Metal from Portugal.

Verglas - Excommunion - £5

Debut Vinyl for both label and band. Think Akitsa meets Bone Awl. Amazing blackened Punk. Screeching, grinding and riffing. 

Strong Boys - S/T

Stomping and gruff Hardcore from Ireland

Perspex Flesh - Ona 

Best current UK hardcore band confirm their class with this tasty number.

AshtoDust - S/T 

Hardcore with a lo-fi black metal vibe from this Fallow Field related project.

Trench Rot - Tyrant

D-beat and USHC combine in this little bruiser.

Vaginors - Total Nonsense

More brilliant Hardcore from the island of OZ. 

Confines - Withdrawn 

Raw Hardcore Punk with big nods to Black Flag. Members of Brain Killer, Social Circkle and Failures.

Confines - Some Sick Joke
Another Rager from this Boston crew. Amazing slow lurching song on side one like a My War era Black Flag. 

Brain Slug - Distort New York

No nonsense boston influenced Hardcore.

The Nightstalkers - Sexual Deviations

French band with an 80's USHC vibe complete with snotty vocals.

Stab - Nation Rising

Intelligent UK hardcore.

Hielig Tod - S/T

Blackened Punk with interesting sound.

Redflesh - Raw War

D-Beat with metal influences as played by neanderthals.

Hunted Down - Life's Womb

Utterly savage noisey as fuck USHC with japanese influences.

LPs (£10 plus postage, unless stated otherwise)

Mauser - Isolation

Noisey D-Beat with ridiculous drummer.

Bong - Idle Days On The Yann

Doom/Stoner Metal reduced to Raga.

Straight Jacket Nation - Live on PBS 8/3/07

Clevo punk via Australia. Think H100s and 9 Shocks Terror. Frantic and unrelenting

Damien Dubrovnik - The Vanity Set - £14

Immersive Harsh Noise/Industrial/Dark Ambient from the Posh Isolation stable.
Haikai No Ku - Sick on my Journey - £12

Hellish psychedelic trudge. Guitars!!!

Stoic Violence - S/T

Heads down pummelling USHC.

Natural Law - Find the Flock

Minor Threat Reborn? Kind of.

Wiccans - Field II

Psych-Punk complete with Wah Wah Fuzz alongside Occult lyrics sung in a Tough guy/Skinhead style. It all works somehow.

Omegas - Blasts of Lunacy

Breath of fresh air from these dudes. Just great original Hardcore.

Sickoids - S/T

Land Speed era Husker Du meets Mid-West Hardcore ala Die Kreuzen and Articles of Faith.

Degreaser - Bottom Feeder £12

All they way from Oz,  like a No Wave Skullflower. Caveman drumming and flailing guitars.

Bong/Pyramidion - Split

One side each of psychedelic attack from these two monsters.

Sunflare - Ghetto Blast

Raw and HEAVY psych.

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