Sunday, 22 July 2012

Degreaser - Bottom Feeder

Another new item for the distro.

Degreaser - Bottom Feeder

There's plenty of pedigree from down under, Reckless Aggresion and Vaginors spring to mind, but these drongo's more than match up to those that have come before them. Sleazy, distorted thud from this power trio. Like a no wave Skullflower, the LP goes straight for your face with some caveman lurch and fried guitars flayed over everything.

Because these have come all the way from Oz there a little bit more expensive, £12 for a copy.

Email for orders/enquiries and postage prices.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Another Found Dead gig to melt your face..

BONG - Newcastle's most popular sons, and rightly so. Doom and drone is the order of the day here. Hypnotic and loud these guys are a force of nature live. Offer your prayers and bathe your ears in the endless riffs.

PYRAMIDION - Glasgow psych band, these guys are total rockers. Its difficult to know exactly what there gonna sound like cus its all jammed out but expect music along the lines of acid fried fuzz drenched psych and krautrock boogie. Really excited to have these guys down.

HAIKAI NO KU - Geordie japs. Scorching power trio plod to victory. huge nods to jap psych. If Mainliner and Les Rallizes had been geordies.

£5 in

There will be some beers available.

Heilig Tod

Heilig Tod - S/T 7"

Bruising raw blackened punk. Obvious comparisons with Bone Awl but there is something else than that going on here. Some straight up black metal alongside some real stompin breakdowns that crush your puny face.

£4 a piece.

Email for enquiries/orders and postage prices.

Monday, 16 July 2012

New Items... Sump/Remores/Female Bortsal/Roases

4 New cassettes for the distro.

Sump - VII: Ways To Pass Into Death

Another great cassette from these reprobates. Howls, riffs and thuds abound. A real rocker this one, with some hard rock influences? Its still punk as fuck though. "Blackened Oi Garage Punk".

Remores - S/T Demo 1

New project from members of Rife and Woddrea Mylenstede. New genre? Black Metal Noisecore? Its certainly a ball of nasty and ugly murk headed straight for your gills. Listen at high volumes in ear phones at night for best results.

Roases - Wealth of Abuse

Harsh Noise at its best. Scum layered clatter and buzz built into a monolithic wall of noise, feedback and pain. This is great on the bus to work in the morning.

Female Borstal - S/T live

Great live recordings taken from various shows of Found Dead favourites The Borstal. Northern supergroup featuring members of White Medal, Sump, Haikai No Ku, Marzuraan and Culver. These boys are better than your band. A hellish march to noise rock/doom oblivion.

£3 a piece.

Email for enquiries/postage prices.


Tapes - £3

Lost Flood - Demo 1
Lost Flood - Demo 3
Vixens - Baptism
Auld Feud - S/T
White Medal - Blod o t'North Secur/Lam
White Medal - Alone as Owt
Axnaar - Crucifixion Mass
C.S.B. - Bend Over That Bench You Wicked Wench
Remores - S/T Demo 1
Sump - VII: Ways To Pass Into Death
Roases - Wealth of Abuse
Female Borstal - S/T live

CD - £5

Foot Hair - Demo
Haikai No Ku - Demo II

7" - £4

Hank Wood and The Hammerheads - S/T
Perdition - S/T
Veins - S/T
Inservibles - Demo 2008
Stab - Nation Rising
Heilig Tod - S/T

Lp - £10

Vaginors - Nuclear Papsmear
Disaster - War Cry
Mauser - Isolation
Degreaser - Bottom Feeder (£12 cus its from Oz)

Prices not including postage. Email with order/enquiries and postage prices.

Haikai No Ku

Gig on the 23rd of August in Manchester courtesy of Daz at Neanderthal Presents! Should be a ripper.

Here is the poster (designed by Daz)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads..

Crazy Spirit in Leeds is this weekend!

If you can't make it because you have some pointless and inane event to attend that isn't Crazy Spirit then the next best thing is this Crazy Spirit side project. Stooges and Cramps seem like the main influences here. Dirty horrible garage punk.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Foot Hair

The return of the mighty Foot Hair.



Friday, 6 July 2012

No more Heroin.

Heroin Diet tapes all sold out. If you missed out come and see em with Crazy Spirit in Leeds on the 14th.


Sold my last copy of the SQRM LP. 

More records coming soon. 

This will have to do for now...

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sold out...

More stuff sold out. No more copies of Francis Harold and Jackman. Thanks to those who have bought stuff. Should be getting some new items for the distro very soon.

Also watch out for another Found Dead gig in september w/ BONG and PYRAMIDION + more to be announced

More details to be announced soon on gigs and distro.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sold out...

No more Vile Gash 7"s left. Here is what you missed out on sucka's.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


This is happening in two weeks time in leeds. Possible gig of the year, so many great bands including Found Dead friends Heroin Diet.

Here is what headliners Crazy Spirit sound like, look out for future releases by these guys which Found Dead will be selling. Vocals from hell.

Heroin Diet will also be shredding alongside Crazy Spirit. Northern punk at its finest. Great vocals drenched in reverb, straight up punk drums and raging garage influenced guitars. If you like what you hear below be sure to pick up a copy from Found Dead.