Saturday, 27 July 2013


Two new 12"s for the distro. £10 for each plus postage. Email for orders and enquiries. Check out the distro page for other stock and postage prices.

Kremlin - Drunk In The Gulag

Great new LP that follows up on the 7" they had out before. It's pretty all over the place this record without losing anything of itself. The drums driving the whole thing along sometimes with d-beat other times with a more straight up punk style while the guitars and bass churn out some cracking riffs taking influences from all sorts of bands (think lots of British 80s punk and metal). In fact the vocals remind me of Discharge, shouted with a little bit of reverb. There is crisp quality to the recordings with the drums quite high in the mix making for an original sound and the guitar solos absolutely rip. This isn't some raw punk band just churning out punk by numbers, these guys seem totally keyed in and I get the impression they are having fun which is always great (Hardcore has a terrible habit of being uber fucking serious).

Gag - This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I'm Rob Zombie When I am 28

Violent, dark, reverb laden punk which reminds me of Drunks with Guns et al. Think mid to slow paced with filthy vocals splurging out all over this superb mess of a release. If you like your punk with a vile edge this is the band for you. Think Flipper, Drunks With Guns, Rusted Shut, Francis Harold. etc. More than lives up to the promise of the demo. Also my favourite album artwork in a long time.

Friday, 19 July 2013


A few new items for the Distro...

Gas Rag - Demo CS - £3

Great new band from Chicago. Fast and no breakdowns these guys are probably not top of the on trend list in Hardcore right now. Who cares though, these guys sound a whole lot like Jerry's Kids but also maybe a little like Bloodclot Faggots . Really dig the out of control on the edge vibe of this demo sounds like everything could just collapse and break at any point. Frantic and brilliant.

Limited Readership #4 - £2

Another top issue from Rob of Perspex Flesh fame. In his own words...40 A4 pages. Featuring brand new interviews with STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS (Clarke Blacker), KREMLIN, SCHOOL JERKS and RAW POWER, as well as pages of reviews, cult film write-ups, and ravings on everything from NAPALM DEATH to NEW YORK'S ALRIGHT fest to BLACK SABBATH album covers to punk as Futurism.

Email for orders and enquiries. Check out the Distro page for other stock and postage. 

Friday, 5 July 2013


Big order from Video Disease covering everyone's tastes I reckon. It took a long time to get here but get here it did. Check out the Distro page for postage and other stock. Email for orders and enquiries.

Stoic Violence - S/T 12" - £10

Slightly different style of recording on this one from the raw lo-fi demo tape. This is actually a very well recorded and very good record. Pretty fast and wild drumming provides the backing for some angry Hardcore to bash you around the chops.

Francis Harold and the Holograms - The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla 12" - £10

Cracking last record from these American punkers. One side long jam of raw garage influenced Punk. Elements of Brainbombs and Flipper etc but with a stronger Garage influence. Great riffs lie at the heart of this record as hugely reverbed vocals top the whole thing off. Second pressing in purple. I really like the artwork as well. Shame these guys are no longer about.

Vaginors - Total Nonsense 7" - £4

I have said this before and I will say it again, Aussie Punk is killer at the moment. This is yet another example of that from the hilarious and brilliant Vaginors. Sound wise it carries on where the LP left off really. Bass high in the mix carrying the riffs while guitars and drums bash away. The vocals are amazing whining shrieks from the aptly named Ratboy. There is a VHS from these guys soon, can't wait to get some copies of that.

AshtoDust - S/T 7" - £4

Blackened Hardcore I guess? The recording is certainly in a lo-fi vein much like a lot of the great Black Metal coming out these days. It's not that surprising really considering that I am pretty sure it's the guy who runs Fallow Field behind this band or at least someone connected with it anyhow. The music is certainly more Hardcore than Metal though with a strong later Black Flag feel to some of the tracks. Look forward to hearing more from these.

Perspex Flesh - Ona 7" - £4

Easily my favourite UK Hardcore band and pretty much definitely the best. These guys kill and this 7" proves that. Really hope to see a bunch more stuff from these guys. It's not moshy but it's not gay either. Just really good riffs and songs and vocals that sound like a bulldog. Tasty.

The Flex - Scum on the Run - £4

Another Leeds hardcore band starting to gain some attention alongside Mob Rules and Perspex Flesh. Obviously influenced by Straight Edge without being a carbon copy. Powerful Mosh. Put this on and try not to run round your living room. Second press on Red.

Rule of Thirds - S/T 7" - £4

A bit of a Goth/Dark rock vibe with a hint of UK Post-Punk like Joy Divison etc. Some of this stuff can be shit and boring but these guys have crafted a good 7". Buy this and paint your nails black. Cover image is class and all. Occult vibes.

Trench Rot - Tyrant 7" - £4

A mix of Discharge and Poison Idea if you ask me, so not a bad start really. Not going with the raw sound that many bands along these lines opt for and it sounds good. This one is a grower I think. Tight and memorable Hardcore from the US.