Friday, 19 July 2013


A few new items for the Distro...

Gas Rag - Demo CS - £3

Great new band from Chicago. Fast and no breakdowns these guys are probably not top of the on trend list in Hardcore right now. Who cares though, these guys sound a whole lot like Jerry's Kids but also maybe a little like Bloodclot Faggots . Really dig the out of control on the edge vibe of this demo sounds like everything could just collapse and break at any point. Frantic and brilliant.

Limited Readership #4 - £2

Another top issue from Rob of Perspex Flesh fame. In his own words...40 A4 pages. Featuring brand new interviews with STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS (Clarke Blacker), KREMLIN, SCHOOL JERKS and RAW POWER, as well as pages of reviews, cult film write-ups, and ravings on everything from NAPALM DEATH to NEW YORK'S ALRIGHT fest to BLACK SABBATH album covers to punk as Futurism.

Email for orders and enquiries. Check out the Distro page for other stock and postage. 

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