Saturday, 14 December 2013


More Black Metal for your puny mind. Email for orders/enquiries. Check out the distro for postage and other stock.

Slaegt - Demo 7" £4

4 tracks previously released on a demo CS now placed on to wax. Really blazing guitars swarm across this record with some great raging and slightly punkish Black Metal from this one man Danish fiend.


Verglas - Satanism Juvenile £3

This duo from Montreal with cassettes from Tour de Garde and Seedstock records have released the best demo I have heard in ages! Blackened Punk/Hardcore these guys remind me of Akitsa with some odd noise parts and French spoken word bits between tracks, as well as being mean and raw. Probably more Punk than Black Metal I would argue. The bottom line is they have the riffs. There is some great vocals buried under the drum and guitar assault and also some weird overblown bass sounds which i really like. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Two new 7"s of evil and bludgeoning black metal for the distro. Email for enquiries/orders. Check out the distro page for other stock and postage prices.

Woddrea Mylenstede/Black Cilice - Split EP - £4

Really good split from two fine examples of Black Metal. Woddrea Mylenstede, another band from the hugely industrious members of Sump, White Medal and Axnaar, have a great lo-fi bludgeoning sound with slower and slightly psychedelic parts thrown in. Somehow this sounds hugely Northern English with a great occult vibe. Black Cilice also deliver with some searing riffs and great reverbed vocals. The sound is similar to the Summoning The Night LP and continues with the same high quality songwriting. Top 7"!

Celtic Dance - Goddess of a Thousand Knights

Ice cold early 90s Black Metal from an early Portuguese band. Some of the best Black Metal is spewing forth from Portugal at the moment bands like Dolentia, Satanize, Black Cilice and others. This was surprising to me but based on early releases like this one it shouldn't have been unexpected. As good as any scandinavian Black Metal from the same time but with a Portuguese sound that you will recognise from more modern releases of bands from this country.

Monday, 11 November 2013


New distro items. Email for orders/enquiries. Check out the Distro page for postage and other stock.

Bong - Idle Days On The Yann LP - £10

The endless release schedule from Bong churns on much like the relentless music within. Everyone pretty much knows the deal by now. Doom metal reduced to Raga. Slow motion riff worship and endless psychedelic dirge to oblivion. This could be a boring release after so many before and with little deviation from their style but somehow they manage to conjure another LP you can worship in you own smoke filled haze.

Rats Blood - Punks Is Mutants 7" - £4

Raging D-beat from Dublin. No pissing around, straight to the point and driving Punk. Think Green Beret, Bloodkrow Butcher.

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Finally available for public consumption! Its a fucking stonker! Really proud of this, our first release on wax. This is 5 english pounds. Email for orders/enquiries/wholesale.

Verglas - Excommunion 7" - £5
Part Akitsa and part Bone Awl this ferocious two piece from Canada really crank out some top blackened punk on this one. 4 tracks from these lads, with previous releases on Tour De Garde and Seedstock records, that live up to the billing. Fast and thrashy tunes sit along some mid paced stompers. The thing that really makes this band stand out for me are the riffs, metal tinged but ultimately punk they just make you nod your head like a demented donkey. Comes with a great poster and hand stamped in a proper carton jacket sleeve. This is a split release with the brilliant Dew Crux.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Mainliner show last Tuesday. It was a top night and Mainliner were fucking great and really nice dudes. I'm in the process of organising another gig at the end of October and an announcement about that will follow soon. Anyway if you missed out on Mainliner or you regret not getting merch at the show then I have the thing for you! Plus some Zines for your tired eyes. Email for orders/enquiries. Postage and other stock can be found on the Distro page.

Mainliner - Mellow Out LP - £14

3 tracks (two of which are pretty much side long) of insane psychotic psychedelic guitar jams. This is IT for psych fans. Pretty much the best release of this stuff, think: overdriven, feedback laden bonanzas that start out as balls out rock songs before descending into a melee of Wah solos, ridiculously distorted bass, reverbed alien vocals and some octopus style jazz drumming. When I first heard this record I listened non stop to the second side over and over again. Literally one of the best records. (This is the most recent pressing on Riot Season and comes in Blue or Purple)

Distort #41 - £2

Great zine from Australia. Featuring interviews with The Hunches, Night Prowler and Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos). 
Writing on Harry Crews, Repairs, Lost Domain, Waste Management, Factorymen, Jackman, Harald Grosskopf, Whores, Inservibles, Vile Gash, Schizophasia, Bits of Shit, Salvation, No Balls

Distort # 42 - £2

Great zine from Australia. Features interviews with Omegas, The Throb, Beastianity, Red Red Krovvy, Drew Gates and NS Mayhem
Writing on E.M. Cioran, Justin Fuller, Oily Boys, Wet Cloth, Soma Coma, Hyperspace Vision, Croation Amor, LR, X-TG / Throbbing Gristle, Lakes, The Clean, Constant Mongrel, U202, Destruction Unit

Saturday, 21 September 2013



Thursday, 29 August 2013


Two very different items of stock for your perusal. As usual email for orders and enquiries. Check out the distro page for postage and other stock

Damien Dubrovnik - The Vanity Set LP £14

Real fan of these blokes. These guys had the first release on Posh Isolation which I managed to pick up completely by chance and since then I have been really into this mixture of Industrial/Dark Ambient and Harsh Noise. This is a totally immersive record with a very 80's sound to me that takes hints from labels like Broken Flag and bands like Whitehouse and Ramleh. Whirling, pulsing and decaying synths build into all invasive nightmares as vocals stutter hugely distorted incantations. The sleeve consists of two seperate card inserts with designs on front and back so you can pretty much decide how you want the artwork which is a crafty little feature. As ever Posh Isolation comes up with the goods.
Strong Boys - S/T 7" £4

This band are new to me although they are probably not that new. I think this is a one man band on record and then with guests playing alongside live like Violent Reaction. The band shares a member or members with some other class Irish acts and all,  like Rats blood and Disguise. Anyway onto the music which is a nice mix of Negative approach and Urban Blight. Plenty of stomp and catchy tunes with some really amazing gruff vocals. Really impressive first output. A ripper as we say in the trade.

Monday, 26 August 2013



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Friday, 23 August 2013


Another Australian banger for the Distro. Email for orders/enquiries. Postage prices can be found on the distro page alongside other stock available.

Straight Jacket Nation - Live on PBS 8/3/07 - LP - £10

Once again Australia delivers. A live radio recording from a number of years ago from this now defunct Sydney band. At the time from what I have read it seems like these guys were the kings of Punk down under. It's not hard to see why. Totally frantic, fast and unrelenting Hardcore with some punishing unhinged vocals. Think cleveland punk with Buzzsaw guitars and drums and bass locked into a wild and chaotic blitz. For fans of H100's and 9 Shock Terrors.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


FIRST LP IS AVAILABLE FROM ONE OF NEWCASTLE'S FINEST! Email for orders and enquiries. Check out the distro page for other stock and postage.

Haikai No Ku - Sick on my Journey £12

Stupidly loud and heavy psych from this northern three piece. Caveman drums and bass trudge and crash away to provide a platform for a guitar assault. Everything sounds like its on the edge, about to crumble into dust, as equipment strains to contain the sheer noise and feedback of this recording. Heavily influenced by Les Rallizes Denudes and Mainliner, Haikai have managed to create something else other than just hero worship. These aren't just some hippie jams for potheads, this a surreal nightmare of a record, a dirge towards insanity. Comes with a CD of the album inside. Available in Black or Gold.

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Two new 12"s for the distro. £10 for each plus postage. Email for orders and enquiries. Check out the distro page for other stock and postage prices.

Kremlin - Drunk In The Gulag

Great new LP that follows up on the 7" they had out before. It's pretty all over the place this record without losing anything of itself. The drums driving the whole thing along sometimes with d-beat other times with a more straight up punk style while the guitars and bass churn out some cracking riffs taking influences from all sorts of bands (think lots of British 80s punk and metal). In fact the vocals remind me of Discharge, shouted with a little bit of reverb. There is crisp quality to the recordings with the drums quite high in the mix making for an original sound and the guitar solos absolutely rip. This isn't some raw punk band just churning out punk by numbers, these guys seem totally keyed in and I get the impression they are having fun which is always great (Hardcore has a terrible habit of being uber fucking serious).

Gag - This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I'm Rob Zombie When I am 28

Violent, dark, reverb laden punk which reminds me of Drunks with Guns et al. Think mid to slow paced with filthy vocals splurging out all over this superb mess of a release. If you like your punk with a vile edge this is the band for you. Think Flipper, Drunks With Guns, Rusted Shut, Francis Harold. etc. More than lives up to the promise of the demo. Also my favourite album artwork in a long time.

Friday, 19 July 2013


A few new items for the Distro...

Gas Rag - Demo CS - £3

Great new band from Chicago. Fast and no breakdowns these guys are probably not top of the on trend list in Hardcore right now. Who cares though, these guys sound a whole lot like Jerry's Kids but also maybe a little like Bloodclot Faggots . Really dig the out of control on the edge vibe of this demo sounds like everything could just collapse and break at any point. Frantic and brilliant.

Limited Readership #4 - £2

Another top issue from Rob of Perspex Flesh fame. In his own words...40 A4 pages. Featuring brand new interviews with STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS (Clarke Blacker), KREMLIN, SCHOOL JERKS and RAW POWER, as well as pages of reviews, cult film write-ups, and ravings on everything from NAPALM DEATH to NEW YORK'S ALRIGHT fest to BLACK SABBATH album covers to punk as Futurism.

Email for orders and enquiries. Check out the Distro page for other stock and postage. 

Friday, 5 July 2013


Big order from Video Disease covering everyone's tastes I reckon. It took a long time to get here but get here it did. Check out the Distro page for postage and other stock. Email for orders and enquiries.

Stoic Violence - S/T 12" - £10

Slightly different style of recording on this one from the raw lo-fi demo tape. This is actually a very well recorded and very good record. Pretty fast and wild drumming provides the backing for some angry Hardcore to bash you around the chops.

Francis Harold and the Holograms - The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla 12" - £10

Cracking last record from these American punkers. One side long jam of raw garage influenced Punk. Elements of Brainbombs and Flipper etc but with a stronger Garage influence. Great riffs lie at the heart of this record as hugely reverbed vocals top the whole thing off. Second pressing in purple. I really like the artwork as well. Shame these guys are no longer about.

Vaginors - Total Nonsense 7" - £4

I have said this before and I will say it again, Aussie Punk is killer at the moment. This is yet another example of that from the hilarious and brilliant Vaginors. Sound wise it carries on where the LP left off really. Bass high in the mix carrying the riffs while guitars and drums bash away. The vocals are amazing whining shrieks from the aptly named Ratboy. There is a VHS from these guys soon, can't wait to get some copies of that.

AshtoDust - S/T 7" - £4

Blackened Hardcore I guess? The recording is certainly in a lo-fi vein much like a lot of the great Black Metal coming out these days. It's not that surprising really considering that I am pretty sure it's the guy who runs Fallow Field behind this band or at least someone connected with it anyhow. The music is certainly more Hardcore than Metal though with a strong later Black Flag feel to some of the tracks. Look forward to hearing more from these.

Perspex Flesh - Ona 7" - £4

Easily my favourite UK Hardcore band and pretty much definitely the best. These guys kill and this 7" proves that. Really hope to see a bunch more stuff from these guys. It's not moshy but it's not gay either. Just really good riffs and songs and vocals that sound like a bulldog. Tasty.

The Flex - Scum on the Run - £4

Another Leeds hardcore band starting to gain some attention alongside Mob Rules and Perspex Flesh. Obviously influenced by Straight Edge without being a carbon copy. Powerful Mosh. Put this on and try not to run round your living room. Second press on Red.

Rule of Thirds - S/T 7" - £4

A bit of a Goth/Dark rock vibe with a hint of UK Post-Punk like Joy Divison etc. Some of this stuff can be shit and boring but these guys have crafted a good 7". Buy this and paint your nails black. Cover image is class and all. Occult vibes.

Trench Rot - Tyrant 7" - £4

A mix of Discharge and Poison Idea if you ask me, so not a bad start really. Not going with the raw sound that many bands along these lines opt for and it sounds good. This one is a grower I think. Tight and memorable Hardcore from the US.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


VERGLAS -  Excommunion 7"

Part Akitsa and part Bone Awl this ferocious two piece from Canada really crank out some top blackened punk on this one. 4 tracks from these lads with previous releases on Tour De Garde and Seedstock records that live up to the billing. Fast and thrashy tunes sit along some mid paced stompers. The thing that really makes this band stand out for me are the riffs, metal tinged but ultimately punk  they just make you nod your head like a demented donkey. Comes with a great poster in a proper carton jacket sleeve.

More pictures and details of release date to come. They are about to go to press so it shouldn't be too long. This is now a split release with the superb Dew Crux.

Listen to the title track here...

Rags and Blood tapes still available alongside other stock. Check out the Distro page for whats available and postage prices.

Monday, 27 May 2013


Back in the country, orders will be processed as normal. Anyone waiting for orders sorry for the delays and they will be posted out as soon as possible.

In other news:

The Verglas 7" is still coming but it has been struck with various delays and will now be a split release with Dew Crux . More news to come including a preview track soon.


Found Dead will be putting Kawabata Makoto's MAINLINER in Newcastle during their September UK tour.

Details are as follows....

Kawabata Makoto's MAINLINER (members of Acid Mothers Temple, Musica Transonica and Bo Ningen)

No Nanjo hence the slight name change, he is replaced on bass and vocals by Kawabe Taigen from Bo Ningen. Not to worry though, based on the new material this is still the same ripping HEAVY psych band that everyone loves. Grinding riffs and on the edge motorpsycho guitar histrionics from Kawabata ride the groove train laid down for him to infinity. This is every Japanese music fans dream. Anyone into guitar howls and feedback should not miss this one. This will be a facemelter.

Haikai No Ku (Members of Bong, Foot Hair, Female Borstal)

"Death Toll Blues" from this local trio. Ear damaging psych heavily influenced by Japanese bands like Mainliner, Les Rallizes Denudes etc. Crashing drums and Bass lay down the framework for fiery guitar attacks to lash across peoples faces. Expect dirge, noise and astral planes. Debut LP to be released in August by Burning World Records.

+ one more to TBC

Its 8 quid advanced, 10 quid on the door. If you dont like the price then don't come, these boys are coming from Japan so they aint cheap and this may well never happen again.

You can buy tickets here...

Facebook event page here...

Saturday, 18 May 2013


I will be away from this Sunday the 19th till the 26th. You can still order, but I won't respond or ship anything till the 27th. Cheers.

In the mean time enjoy the video above.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Fresh stock for your puny brains. Email for orders/enquiries. Check out the distro page for postage prices and other stock that is available.


A new LP of overblown, riff-driven assaults from everyone's favourite Japanese psych monsters. No Nanjo (he is replaced by the guy from Bo Ningen) on this hence the new name but its essentially the same deal. Recorded at ridiculous volumes for maximum distortion (think D-clone levels of in the red noise) with some endless grinding riffs and dirge like reverbed vocals. Sometimes when bands return from long breaks its for the money rather than any genuinely good music. Mainliner have bucked the trend here though and this is a total rocker. A must for any fans of Japanese HEAVY psych. These are coloured Vinyl in limted quantities hence the price tag. I have one swamp green LP and some white ones, don't miss out and order this shit now.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


2 new LPs from the fantastic At War With False Noise. £10 each. Email for orders/enquiries. Check the distro page for postage and other stock.


This is fucking class. Plain and simple. Like a "Doom Punk" version of Electric Wizard with a hefty whack of Pentagram and Garage rock. Totally rockin and fun sounding. Howling vocals compete with sludgy punk riffs whilst the bass and drums drive a jackhammer into your face. This is the second pressing and comes with a double sided A3 poster.


A side each from these two psychedelic monsters with varying approaches. Bong continue with their slowed down riff worship ragas that seem to ruin your mind forever. Pyramidion finally on vinyl deliver a brilliant side of fuzzy rockin pysch. Kind of like early krautrock, maybe a bit of Amon Duul in there.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


In my humble opinion OZ punk is kicking everyones ass at the moment. Oily Boys, Vaginors, Gentlemen, Gutter Gods, Reckless Aggression, Bloodclot Faggots, Simfuckers.... The list goes on, and here is another little cracker. SOMA COMA!!! Email for enquiries and orders. Check out the distro section for other shit in stock and postage.

Soma Coma - Demo Tape £3

Frantic and mean Hardcore from this aussie 4 piece. A little black metal vibe on this for me, with a sort of Italian hardcore ala Wretched thing going on and all. To be honest though there isn't much else to say other than another great demo from another great aussie band.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Plenty of these still available. Check out the distro page for more info.

Great little review here from Nocturnal Emissions 5. Thanks for the kind words.


Two new tapes for your ears. £3 each plus Postage. Check out the distro page for more releases in stock and postage costs.

Email for enquiries/orders.


6 Tracks of Punky Black Metal from these canadians with links to Verglas. A slight NWOBHM vibe going on on this tape for me. Real solid songs with a no thrills guitar, drums and vocals attack. Only 100 copies.


Re-issue of the killer first demo from this black metal/punk duo. If Bone Awl and Akitsa had created a horrible demon spawn this is what music it would be into. A bunch of twisted riff strewn headbangers with appropriate shrieks and horror. I love this band. Look out for the new 7" out on Found Dead SOON!

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Doing some drumming for my friends film.

Heres a bunch of photos, the film looks like it will be class. Hellish dystopian landscapes and industrial monstrosities alongside sleazy louche champagne drinking.

More updates here...