Saturday, 14 December 2013


More Black Metal for your puny mind. Email for orders/enquiries. Check out the distro for postage and other stock.

Slaegt - Demo 7" £4

4 tracks previously released on a demo CS now placed on to wax. Really blazing guitars swarm across this record with some great raging and slightly punkish Black Metal from this one man Danish fiend.


Verglas - Satanism Juvenile £3

This duo from Montreal with cassettes from Tour de Garde and Seedstock records have released the best demo I have heard in ages! Blackened Punk/Hardcore these guys remind me of Akitsa with some odd noise parts and French spoken word bits between tracks, as well as being mean and raw. Probably more Punk than Black Metal I would argue. The bottom line is they have the riffs. There is some great vocals buried under the drum and guitar assault and also some weird overblown bass sounds which i really like. 

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