Thursday, 29 August 2013


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Damien Dubrovnik - The Vanity Set LP £14

Real fan of these blokes. These guys had the first release on Posh Isolation which I managed to pick up completely by chance and since then I have been really into this mixture of Industrial/Dark Ambient and Harsh Noise. This is a totally immersive record with a very 80's sound to me that takes hints from labels like Broken Flag and bands like Whitehouse and Ramleh. Whirling, pulsing and decaying synths build into all invasive nightmares as vocals stutter hugely distorted incantations. The sleeve consists of two seperate card inserts with designs on front and back so you can pretty much decide how you want the artwork which is a crafty little feature. As ever Posh Isolation comes up with the goods.
Strong Boys - S/T 7" £4

This band are new to me although they are probably not that new. I think this is a one man band on record and then with guests playing alongside live like Violent Reaction. The band shares a member or members with some other class Irish acts and all,  like Rats blood and Disguise. Anyway onto the music which is a nice mix of Negative approach and Urban Blight. Plenty of stomp and catchy tunes with some really amazing gruff vocals. Really impressive first output. A ripper as we say in the trade.

Monday, 26 August 2013



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Friday, 23 August 2013


Another Australian banger for the Distro. Email for orders/enquiries. Postage prices can be found on the distro page alongside other stock available.

Straight Jacket Nation - Live on PBS 8/3/07 - LP - £10

Once again Australia delivers. A live radio recording from a number of years ago from this now defunct Sydney band. At the time from what I have read it seems like these guys were the kings of Punk down under. It's not hard to see why. Totally frantic, fast and unrelenting Hardcore with some punishing unhinged vocals. Think cleveland punk with Buzzsaw guitars and drums and bass locked into a wild and chaotic blitz. For fans of H100's and 9 Shock Terrors.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


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Haikai No Ku - Sick on my Journey £12

Stupidly loud and heavy psych from this northern three piece. Caveman drums and bass trudge and crash away to provide a platform for a guitar assault. Everything sounds like its on the edge, about to crumble into dust, as equipment strains to contain the sheer noise and feedback of this recording. Heavily influenced by Les Rallizes Denudes and Mainliner, Haikai have managed to create something else other than just hero worship. These aren't just some hippie jams for potheads, this a surreal nightmare of a record, a dirge towards insanity. Comes with a CD of the album inside. Available in Black or Gold.