Wednesday, 7 August 2013


FIRST LP IS AVAILABLE FROM ONE OF NEWCASTLE'S FINEST! Email for orders and enquiries. Check out the distro page for other stock and postage.

Haikai No Ku - Sick on my Journey £12

Stupidly loud and heavy psych from this northern three piece. Caveman drums and bass trudge and crash away to provide a platform for a guitar assault. Everything sounds like its on the edge, about to crumble into dust, as equipment strains to contain the sheer noise and feedback of this recording. Heavily influenced by Les Rallizes Denudes and Mainliner, Haikai have managed to create something else other than just hero worship. These aren't just some hippie jams for potheads, this a surreal nightmare of a record, a dirge towards insanity. Comes with a CD of the album inside. Available in Black or Gold.

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