Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Mainliner show last Tuesday. It was a top night and Mainliner were fucking great and really nice dudes. I'm in the process of organising another gig at the end of October and an announcement about that will follow soon. Anyway if you missed out on Mainliner or you regret not getting merch at the show then I have the thing for you! Plus some Zines for your tired eyes. Email Brainbombsworship@gmail.com for orders/enquiries. Postage and other stock can be found on the Distro page.

Mainliner - Mellow Out LP - £14

3 tracks (two of which are pretty much side long) of insane psychotic psychedelic guitar jams. This is IT for psych fans. Pretty much the best release of this stuff, think: overdriven, feedback laden bonanzas that start out as balls out rock songs before descending into a melee of Wah solos, ridiculously distorted bass, reverbed alien vocals and some octopus style jazz drumming. When I first heard this record I listened non stop to the second side over and over again. Literally one of the best records. (This is the most recent pressing on Riot Season and comes in Blue or Purple)

Distort #41 - £2

Great zine from Australia. Featuring interviews with The Hunches, Night Prowler and Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos). 
Writing on Harry Crews, Repairs, Lost Domain, Waste Management, Factorymen, Jackman, Harald Grosskopf, Whores, Inservibles, Vile Gash, Schizophasia, Bits of Shit, Salvation, No Balls

Distort # 42 - £2

Great zine from Australia. Features interviews with Omegas, The Throb, Beastianity, Red Red Krovvy, Drew Gates and NS Mayhem
Writing on E.M. Cioran, Justin Fuller, Oily Boys, Wet Cloth, Soma Coma, Hyperspace Vision, Croation Amor, LR, X-TG / Throbbing Gristle, Lakes, The Clean, Constant Mongrel, U202, Destruction Unit

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