Saturday, 2 November 2013


Finally available for public consumption! Its a fucking stonker! Really proud of this, our first release on wax. This is 5 english pounds. Email for orders/enquiries/wholesale.

Verglas - Excommunion 7" - £5
Part Akitsa and part Bone Awl this ferocious two piece from Canada really crank out some top blackened punk on this one. 4 tracks from these lads, with previous releases on Tour De Garde and Seedstock records, that live up to the billing. Fast and thrashy tunes sit along some mid paced stompers. The thing that really makes this band stand out for me are the riffs, metal tinged but ultimately punk they just make you nod your head like a demented donkey. Comes with a great poster and hand stamped in a proper carton jacket sleeve. This is a split release with the brilliant Dew Crux.

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