Thursday, 19 July 2012


Another Found Dead gig to melt your face..

BONG - Newcastle's most popular sons, and rightly so. Doom and drone is the order of the day here. Hypnotic and loud these guys are a force of nature live. Offer your prayers and bathe your ears in the endless riffs.

PYRAMIDION - Glasgow psych band, these guys are total rockers. Its difficult to know exactly what there gonna sound like cus its all jammed out but expect music along the lines of acid fried fuzz drenched psych and krautrock boogie. Really excited to have these guys down.

HAIKAI NO KU - Geordie japs. Scorching power trio plod to victory. huge nods to jap psych. If Mainliner and Les Rallizes had been geordies.

£5 in

There will be some beers available.

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