Monday, 16 July 2012

New Items... Sump/Remores/Female Bortsal/Roases

4 New cassettes for the distro.

Sump - VII: Ways To Pass Into Death

Another great cassette from these reprobates. Howls, riffs and thuds abound. A real rocker this one, with some hard rock influences? Its still punk as fuck though. "Blackened Oi Garage Punk".

Remores - S/T Demo 1

New project from members of Rife and Woddrea Mylenstede. New genre? Black Metal Noisecore? Its certainly a ball of nasty and ugly murk headed straight for your gills. Listen at high volumes in ear phones at night for best results.

Roases - Wealth of Abuse

Harsh Noise at its best. Scum layered clatter and buzz built into a monolithic wall of noise, feedback and pain. This is great on the bus to work in the morning.

Female Borstal - S/T live

Great live recordings taken from various shows of Found Dead favourites The Borstal. Northern supergroup featuring members of White Medal, Sump, Haikai No Ku, Marzuraan and Culver. These boys are better than your band. A hellish march to noise rock/doom oblivion.

£3 a piece.

Email for enquiries/postage prices.

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