Sunday, 24 June 2012


Lost Flood - 3rd Demo Cassette

Another great release from Legion Blotain and Shropshire's king of murk. Mid pace blackened noise rock, savage and raw. Includes a Foot Hair.

Check out this slab of ugly bother from his previous demo to get an idea....

Also we have a C.S.B cassette from new label Dew Crux which comes highly recommended with tapes from Morgellons and the aforemetioned Lost Flood.

C.S.B - Bend Over That Bench You Wicked Wench Cassette

Heres what the label had to say "From the dankest of basements, an improvised alchemy of blackened punk and mercurial noise clatter. A mandatory release for anyone interested in contemporary UK punk, raw black metal or noise rock. Includes a member of Sump." 

This should wet your unhealthy appetite..

£3 a piece. Email for postage and orders/enquiries.

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