Friday, 30 November 2012


First ever Found Dead release is here! £5 for this beauty!

FD001 - Rags and Blood - Demo Cassette

Featuring members of northern ragers Rife and Foot Hair comes the first demo of this exciting two piece. Guitars and drums hammer, thrash and generally buzz their way through your skull in this 6 song demo. Raw blackened punk with its own sound. The release comes housed in jiffy bag complete with hand printed artwork onto paper made from rags. NORTHERN PUNK FOR SCUM.

This is a split release with a another great new label of the UK, Dew Crux.

Mastered by Bishop head of mysteries at Opal Tapes.

Got a bunch of copies of the other releases on this dew crux batch of bangers. I will be adding them to the distro very soon, so watch for them. 

Also in the works a Verglas 7" and tentatively, split releases with Dew Crux of Foot Hair and Rife 7"s.

Email or for orders/enquiries/postage. I will be doing wholesale on these so labels etc get in touch. Nice One. 

Here is another picture of the release...

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