Monday, 11 February 2013


Got some new items from Side Two, a fairly new label that is bringing out some class shit. Check out the distro page for other items and postage rates. Email and for enquiries/orders.

Green Beret - Violence Is Their Currency 12" EP

The label description described this one as Discharge meets Totalitar inspired Hardcore. Can't really put it any more succinctly than that. This is some classy D-beat. This ain't no Japanese noise punk band like every other D-beat band. There seems to be so many bands looking back to 80s Crust/D-beat for influences and its hard to pick out the wheat from the chaff. This band stand out with there own style and great catchy songs, certainly more memorable than a lot of the current crop of Crust warriors. 10 english pounds plus postage.

Confines - Withdrawn 7"

Raw Hardcore Punk from the US. Massive Black Flag influence on this one. Members of tons of bands including Failures, Brain Killer and Social Circkle to name a few. £4 plus postage.

Confines - Some Sick Joke

Another excellent 7" from these ragers. The first side has an amazing slowed down lurch of song like a heavier My War Black Flag. The second side sees the band playing two ripping fast ones much like the first 7".

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