Friday, 19 October 2012

Kilslug - Sins, Tricks and Lies LP


Kilslug - Sins, Tricks and Lies LP £16 (plus postage)

The best lowdown dirty horrible dirge punk! These boys have been killing it since the 80s and they havent stopped yet. The people behind a ridiculous amount of amazing bands including Upsidedown Cross, The Sickness, Angry Hate, Ointment and many more. The record format alone is worth the price, an 11" on blood red vinyl that plays backwards (from the middle out). Then there is the music rolling along at a leering midtempo the songs ooze with filth, and the vocals send a shiver down your back. Larry Lifeless is the best vocalist, he makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you feel tarnished listening to his whine. DO NOT MISS OUT.

Email or for postage/enquiries/orders. Limited Appeal don't do wholesale hence the extra cost to normal, but trust me its well worth it.

Listen to the sample below, and then order one.

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