Sunday, 28 October 2012

Label and Distro news

Really proud to announce a new release for Found Dead records will be a VERGLAS 7". More details soon, but this will definitely be a monster.

Rags and Blood demo cassette will also be ready very very soon, here is a preview track until then

This is what the covers will look like and the tapes will come housed in a jiffy bag with artwork printed on rags.

Coming soon - FD001 Rags and Blood - Demo Cassette, FD002 Verglas 7".

also on its way... Sun flare - Young Love 12", Nomad - S/T 7", Natural Law - Find The Flock LP, Violent Reaction 7", Redflesh - Raw War 7", Hunted Down - Life's Womb 7", Marching Church - Throughout the Borders 7", Vaginors 7", Ash to Dust 7" and many more...

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