Monday, 28 January 2013


More arrivals! I thought the Katorga Works stuff was never gonna arrive. It got lost in the chaos after the east coast hurricane in America, then it got sent out again and got slapped with a huge £120 customs fine because some fucking moron misread $8 as $800. Finally it then took Parcelforce forever, and only after a bunch of phone calls, to deliver them. Anyway they are here along with a load of other great releases. Check the Distro page for postage prices and other stock as well as what stock is incoming. Email for orders/enquiries.

Natural Law - Find the Flock LP £10

Modern day Minor Threat? Its certainly got that sound, its even got a similar cover to Out of Step, but it is a diservice to just lump this record as a simple re-tread. A much cleaner recording than previous output highlights the bands songwriting and the riffs slay. Another great USHC band.

Nomad - S/T 7" £4

Japanese Noise Punk form NYC! Disclose worship done right. Amazing desperate vocals. What else is there to say. Fucking buy it!

Wiccans - Field II LP £10

I wasn't that fussed on this band based on there first  7", but then I listened to Skullduggery and was totally blown away. Massive step up in every department. Field II then, had quite a bit to live up to and despite being pretty different it most definitely does. This is a sort of Psych-Punk monster with wah wah fuzz guitars and Occult lyrics shouted by a vocalist who sounds like hes from some tough guy/skinhead band. Somehow it works. The last eponymous track is a 7 minute brute that turns into some kind of Hardcore Punk Hawkwind. One of the most interesting bands around looking forward to where these guys go next.

Kremlin - Will You Feed Me? 7" £4

This one is hard to describe but is possibly my favourite 7" of last year. Just a rager from start to finish. Members of the brilliant School Jerks, so quite a pedigree. To me its like a weird D-Beat band with these brilliant reverbed vocals that sound a bit like Chrome, all recorded with a rough and raw feel. That might not be the best description so buy it to find out what im babbling on about.

Omegas - Blasts of Lunacy LP £10

A lot of punk these days can be criticised for being a re-tread of the greats that came before but Omegas have managed with this LP to bring something new. Some of the riffs sound like early NYHC, theres more than a whiff of the Cro-mags here, but these boys have got their own sound really. Raw, fast and bristling with ideas and energy these guys have got the riff and the songs and its a fun record.

Adolf Hitler Klan - DEMO 7" £4

Perfect, sloppy, bratty, 80s German punk. A good dollop of KBD mixed with a healthy amount of snotty and idiotic punk. Brilliant.

Sickoids - S/T LP £10

I read somewhere this LP sounded like Land Speed era Husker Du with some wild Italian Hardcore elements thrown in, which I reckon is pretty spot on. Theres a hint of Mid-West oddness in there somwhere aswell, think Die Kreuzen and Articles of Faith. Class LP with tight musicians.

Brain Slug - Distort New York 7" £4

Boston and New York Influenced Hardcore. Tough, no nonsense punches to the face.

Goosebumps - I Hate My Body 7" £4

Last but by no means least another class record from NYC. The city that keeps on giving. This one is a sleazy, snotty ball of furious hardcore with a raw uncompromising recording style. The whole thing is just a bit filthy.

Check the Distro page for postage prices and other stock as well as what stock is incoming. Email for orders/enquiries.

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