Monday, 21 January 2013


Finally some new stock! Feels like I have been waiting forever for shit to come from america. Still got loads more on the way, see the distro page for details of incoming!

Sunflare - Ghetto Blast LP

Another blast of HEAVY psych from these portuguese bangers. Two side long tracks provide a healthy dose of racket. Total bonehead caveman drums and bass provide the platform for the fire belching guitar to burn your face. The second side is perhaps slightly more meditative in approach but still rocks hard. Not too dissimilar from Degreaser and a lot like High Rise/Mainliner et al. £10 plus postage.

Ratas Del Vaticano - Rafagueadas Double 7"

Sleazy, low down, reverb drenched Garage/Punk from the streets of Mexico. Imagine if the Misfits and the Stooges jammed out some Garage Punk smash hits with drooling demented vocals recorded in a bin. This is easily the best material this band has released and I really liked the previous LP they did. Just the catchiest, rawest punk. Killed by death meets graveyard meets horror punk. The mexicans have got it down. Inservibles and now this. £10 plus postage (just cus its a double 7")

Check out the distro page for other available stock and postage prices.

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