Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Crazy Spirit - S/T LP, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - Go Home LP


Fucking Boom, been waiting for these to arrive for what seems like ages.

Crazy Spirit - S/T LP

Whoaaa! What a ripper. After the hype could the LP live up to previous releases? YES IT CAN. Nothing new here the same galloping punk attack, scathing vocals and surprisingly groovy bass but it doesn't need to be anything else. Great songs (bricks is my favourite, been singing it at work, "keep your eyes in your head/keep your teeth in your mouth"), great artwork, amazing poster and booklet. What more could you want!

Hankwood and the Hammerheads - Go Home

Demented garage punk, need I say anymore? Been looking forward to this LP as much if not more than the Crazy Spirit one. The 7" was great and so is this, the same Stooges/Cramps feel but the recordings sound better (you can hear more organ) and the songs are just plain beltin'. Also comes with a stonking poster and a record slip with lyrics so you know exactly what that weirdo is hollering.

So glad to get these LP's in. Heard some criticisms of both bands but those people are idiots. Both bands bringing something new to the table and both are just plain slamming.

Also look out for the Dawn of Humans 7" which should be arriving soon!

Anyway if you want to pick up a copy there £10 each. Email for orders/enquiries/postage prices.


  1. I wanna buy hankwood and the hammerheads, any idea on how i could get it?

    1. We sold out a while ago. I would try the label direct (toxic state records) or La Vida Es Un Mus or Discogs.