Thursday, 20 September 2012


Exciting news.

Found Dead is proud to announce the imminent arrival of its first release...

FD 001 - Rags and Blood Demo Cassette

Featuring members of northern ragers Rife comes the first demo of this exciting two piece. Guitars and drums hammer, thrash and generally buzz their way through your skull in this 6 song demo. Raw blackened punk with its own sound. The release will come housed in a jiffy bag complete with hand printed artwork onto rags. NORTHERN PUNK FOR SCUM.

This is a split release with Dew Crux who are releasing some great new stuff alongside this cassette which are well worth checking out.

This release should be with us towards the beginning of October, and before then there will be a preview track available.

Also really excited to announce that a good friend has become a joint boss of Found Dead. His tumblr over at is well worth checking out and you can buy any of the releases or distro items from him aswell. Just email

And finally this....

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