Friday, 7 September 2012

Dawn of Humans - Blurst of the Birdfish.

Here it is as promised, the new Dawn of Humans 7".

Dawn of Humans - Blurst of the Birdfish

Another rager from Toxic State. These guys have got links with Crazy Spirit, some of the same band members, same label. You can kind of tell it sounds not to dissimilar, but this is no copy. Kind of a more straight up hardcore sound, full on and raw but still really listenable. fuzzy guitars and snotty vocals, no more description is needed. Love the vocals, seen some live clips of the singer dressed in some interesting outfits, search the web for more info or look at the picture below. Sleeve doubles as a poster.

Thanks to my good friend Toz of HEROIN DIET FAME for this photo (check out more of his stuff here

£4 for this gem. Buy it you fuckin moron.

Email for postage/orders/enquiries.

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